Its weird I once thought it was some sort of liberal lie that the British, the Americans systematically killed their natives. The belief that we were somehow better than Hitler. No the only, the only difference was that our conquered territories only held tens of thousands not millions. Other than that we did the same thing approximately.

Horrific as it was that does make it better. It is better a population of one hundred thousand is killed than a population of ten million. Perhaps a hundred times better, because after all people do matter, matter as individuals and not as populations. But it doesn’t make us better than Hitler. Our ancestors, our founding fathers had the same relevant attitudes as Hitler, and they were as involved in horrors as he was. We may today be better, but then most of us today have very little to do with actually creating policy. Back then it was always the people on the frontier who did it, who killed them, and the ones back at home just signed off on the horror, who knows what they thought.

This is another point that needs to be understood. It was not Hitler. Not by that point. It was the captains and lieutenants in the SS, and then later it was their colonels who formalized it, and only in a small way was it the generals. Yet it was the generals who ordered the invasions, who put those human masses there, and placed them where they would kill.

Ideas matter, and processes matter even more. Perhaps we are better today, perhaps we wouldn’t do it. At least most of our fantasies today are no longer genocidal, maybe that matters. Maybe not. I don’t know.

But remember, even if we are better (and that is doubtful, though not certainly untrue), it is not because we are better. When you look at Hitler, when you look at those captains, when you look at those killers, remember, there but for the grace of God go I. And remember, America is as implicated as Germany in horrors.

But it can be stopped. It doesn’t have to happen ever again. And the way to stop it, when found will be simple and extensive. A phase shift is probably possible, and to enact it would actually require only a fraction of society’s resources. Ah but how to get it to happen.

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