Faith is required

Belief in God requires faith, not proof. By demanding proof the atheist is being unreasonable.

Further the atheist is being inconsistent because there are many, many things we believe, which we don’t have empirical evidence for, and which can’t be proven. Faith, belief in the absense of complete proof is required for everything.

Now faith in God is reasonable, like faith in the past is reasonable. There are many lines of argument which indicate God exists, even if they don’t prove it. Just like there are many lines of evidence indicating the past exists, even if they don’t prove it.


I currently think the problem is there are important differences between how God is unproven, and how the past is unproven.

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3 Responses to Faith is required

  1. Urs says:

    What evidence for the existence of God exists for which there is no simpler explanation?

  2. The response Plantinga gives to that class of questions is 1) it is unclear what we mean by simple, and 2) God is by definition perfectly simple, and thus the simplest possible explanation.

    Further look at something like life or finetuning universe, naturalists need to come up with lots of ad hoc unproven, and complicated theories, such as a multiple worlds hypothesis or the variety of ideas in abiogenesis research to explain these things. The only reason they are forced to use these very complicated explanations is that they refuse to seriously consider the very simple explanation that God designed this universe for life, but sucked at it badly enough that he then needed to also create cells too.

    lol I’d never noticed that before. If God fine tuned the universe for life at creation, couldn’t he have done a good enough job that he wouldn’t have to interfere to allow abiogenesis?

  3. Bob Wilson says:

    Good summary of a competing viewpoint! But I can’t see how what you “currently think” necessarily counts against the premise you are doubting, unless you spell out the differences. Otherwise, it sounds at best like it assumes what you already think.

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