What I’m probably going to post

When writing a lot of the time I produce something which doesn’t fit in the response which I want to make to a person (I’m something of a perfectionist, and a minimalist, and I want to write powerful valuable statements), but which I find valuable still. A lot of those are probably going to be plopped here unedited. Also realizing I can do this allowed me to figure out how I can actually create a large population of posts.

This means I’m definitely going to need to create a division between essays I actually want people to read, and ad hoc posts which are interesting, and probably fun to read, but not very well defended expressions of a position.

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3 Responses to What I’m probably going to post

  1. Urs says:

    Blogging is tough. A lot of the time, I think of brilliant posts and plan to write them, but then I go back to work, and by the time I’m home at 8, all I wanna do is harvest my farmtown crops and go to bed.

    One thing that I have done is schedule posts in order to ensure that the blog will be updated, even if I forget. I think that I wrote Love at First Sight is Not sometime in 2008. Many of the posts, however, are things that “came to me” while I was at a keyboard where I could post.

    Sometimes I do manage to write the great stuff I come up with during the day, one of which is my recent post about the Oscar Grant murder.

    • Yeah, I’ll figure out how to bank stuff what I’ll probably do is look through other stuff I’ve written to find a set of posts to put out once a week for a while, and then post other stuff when it comes to me. Its always good to review and revise anyways.

  2. Urs says:

    I forgot to say – the great thing about banking posts to be published automatically in a few months or weeks is that you have the opportunity to constantly refine the post. When I first wrote that post, it was long-winded and had many unnecessary words. In the end, I felt like I packed a solid punch in two short paragraphs.

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