I recently graduated from Berkeley with a degree in Math and History, and my major interest is in trying to understand disagreement, overconfidence, and being wrong.

The core idea I’m currently playing with is the role word usage plays.

My initial approach was seeing the issue as people define words in a certain way, and fail to act on the fact others define the words in subtly different ways.

I still think this is a core issue, however it brings up the question of what is involved in defining a word. I quickly discovered when I claimed there is no correct definition people interpret defining X as moral, as approving of X.

My favorite way of approaching this issue currently is to see it as reflecting implicit definitions vs explicit definitions. Our implicit definition of “moral” includes something like “properly approved”.

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One Response to Introduction

  1. Urs says:

    I was thinking about words and explanations today. The revelation that I came across was that words and explanations are just translations of concepts. This means that it is wisest and best to constantly refine and update our explanations.

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